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Interactive Intensive Education

We are upgrading entrepreneurs with the specialized knowledge required to own and operate a profitable real estate business. Providing training and development designed to immerse you with all aspects of real estate investing. Tasking you with streamlined proven real estate investment systems to walk you through your first deal and many more done efficiently and at high frequency. We can move you forward toward financial independence!










"I joined the program, and it helped me close my first deal and now I am working on closing it, and through the program, I have continuous coaching, I always have help and I am super excited to be part of the team."

Phoenix Lapointe


"Team Made Real Estate has been an inspiration for me to be involved with and they also help people who are going through the struggles. They have mentored me in the industry, taught me how to do stuff in the right way. I am blessed to one of their students."

Greg Michael Carlos


"Being with Team Made Real Estate I have learned a lot, they are experts in the field, the amount of things that I have learned I would have had to spent months and months learning if I did it on my own, and they have helped me through results, and I encouraged everyone to get involved!"

Komal Kaler


"I recently joined Team Made Real Estate, they guided me through the process, to looking at the deals, making sure that the numbers are right, and doing my due diligence, to make that offer, I successfully got my first deal and I am very proud of myself!"

Marq Ting


"I came for the knowledge, stayed for the connections. Met my business partner at a Team Made Real Estate seminar and now we are up and running with our real estate business! Learn, take action, learn!"

Derek Isaac


Investing Secrets Virtual Training System

Brought to you by industry subject matter experts, who serve as your personal guide as you experience on-demand virtual training modules. Our online courses accelerate learning on the full spectrum of real estate investment. The module-based intensive virtual training programs are all encompassing, offering residential, commercial, live on location practicums. 

"I have known Valen Vergara for years through volunteering in community events and now through real estate. I can confidently say he is a genuine mentor that will get you where you want to be. His willingness to help exceeds all expectations and he truly cares for his community. I am grateful to have someone like Valen take me under his wing and help me build my own real estate business as he has a mind like no other. For any serious entrepreneur, Valen is a must-have in your network as he will provide you with the tools and the network you need to succeed."

Genesis de Paula


"My story is that ever since getting involved with Team Made Real Estate, I have received a lot of knowledge on how to talk to the people who can help you out in life, I now have this house down the street now, a rental property, and I just finished getting a renter signed up to get into the place!"

Kelly Wiebe


"We have been students with Team Made Real Estate for about six months and we have been able to secure our first deal, we have been able to learn a whole lot of stuff, and if you're ever able to take action in real estate, we encourage you to contact somebody at Team Made Real Estate."

Kevin & Melissa Drysdale


"The materials alone are worth the time you will save in costly mistakes by not investing in the most important person... YOURSELF! I have received a lot of value from the Team Made Real Estate group. I highly recommend that anyone committed to living life to the fullest invest as I have."

Donald Dawes


"Like to thank my friend and mentor for his mentorship and feedback throughout the years of working together."

Manjit Rukhra


Web-Based System

Accessible anytime and on any device, training can be completed from home or at the office. The uniquely designed testing mechanisms allow you to actively participate and engage during the training to ensure that you retain as much knowledge as possible from each training module!


On Your Schedule!

We know that real estate investing can seem overwhelming when you’re just getting started. So we made it simpler for you by putting together online training for you! Imagine being able to learn everything you need to get your real estate business up and running as quickly as possible. Being able to take that training with you wherever you go, whether it's your laptop, your phone, or your tablet, this online training platform works on all of these and will help you learn at your pace when it’s convenient for you!


24/7 Support Chat

Stay connected with our vibrant community of active real estate investors, sponsors, service providers, and real estate advisors. Get involved with our Q&A's, get answers to your FAQ's, access referrals, and joint venture with other members.

Easy to Use Interface

This simple web-based platform makes it simple for everyone to learn! You don’t need to be a tech superstar to use this system! Simply log in and you will be able to start your training with just a few mouse clicks!

Built in Accountability

We know that accountability is one of the staples of a successful learning environment. Unlike other platforms, you’ll be able to track, measure and monitor your progress to see how you’re doing and make sure you achieve success!